#1 – From Idea to Execution + 10 changes in Marketing in 2024

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Starting a newsletter in 2024? Who would have thought a marketer would do such a thing! Why am I doing it? Apart from my creative itch to always be starting a new project and expressing my thoughts, here are 3 more relevant reasons for you marketers:

As a marketer constantly upskilling in my profession, I consistently noticed that my knowledge was always helping my fellow marketers in the gigs that I’ve been a part of. Both client-side and agency-side. Noticing there is a gap between the transfer of knowledge from expert marketers to beginners to mid-level ones, I wanted to fill that gap, so we can ALL win.

There are lots of content, resources and ways to level up your marketing game, but I’ve noticed a disconnect in it being ‘future-proof’. While I do consider the importance of fundamentals in knowledge acquiring, I know thinking forward is a value we marketers need to also have, especially in digital marketing.

As a marketer, I want to be immersed in all of its many areas and hear first-hand insights from marketers themselves. I want to build a community of growth-minded and futurist marketers. And I hope, Futurist Marketers will be its manifestation.

Now that we’re in the same boat, let’s begin?

10 changes to be aware of in Marketing this 2024

2024 marketing is going to be a paradigm shift for all of us. We’ve already seen lots of changes from 2023, including increased advertising spend (just to be more competitive in the market), to the rise of influencer and social commerce marketing, to utilising AI-driven tools such as ChatGPT and Canva-AI – a new era of digital marketing is arising.

As a digital marketing leader of over 7 years and upon deep research into the topic, I’ve compiled the top 10 most impactful changes for us to be aware of as marketers heading into 2024 so we can better adapt to it. Including: Google’s Search Engine Updates, Data-privacy (Goodbye 3rd-party cookies), Creativity in an AI-driven world (and its value) and many more.

A must-watch. if I can say so myself! Watch HERE

TLDR or TLDW (Too Long Didn’t Watch):

Google will be making massive updates to its search engine. The project is currently labelled ‘SGE’ (Search Generative Experience). Basically a more visual and interactive search results page, further powered by AI.

The role that Branding plays in a saturated market and how it is becoming a core pillar of any business, IF, they want to stand out.

Marketers have to be better at attributing their campaigns and extracting vital insights that tie to business revenue or growth.

Marketers have an opportunity to inject the theme of growth, not just for their teams, but also cross-collaboratively with their teams. Not exclusively in output, but in systems and communication as well.

Every business has to be a (trusted) content machine. Attention and influence are the new currency of the marketplace (and capitalism). Content marketing is becoming (if not already), ‘one’ of the primary drivers of revenue for many brands including: Adobe, GoPro and Atlassian.

The importance of a human-led perspective (creativity) in an AI-driven economy. Yes, we all love AI and chatGPT, but everything is starting to feel and look the same, don’t you think? Be a challenger marketer and have your own perspective, use AI as an assistant and not as a leader.

Too many martech tools. There are probably a dozen CRM tools being released every year, but do we need to try out a new one? Master the tools at your disposal, but accept the fact that we will have to learn new tools. We are the new IT professionals.

Goodbye to 3rd-party Cookies (maybe). Google will start rolling out the removal of 3rd-party cookies from Jan 4th, 2024. This will be sending shivers down every marketer’s spine, but we saw it coming. Source: Google

The Rise of Social Commerce and Influencer Marketing. Brands like Shein are so successful with their current marketing strategy (which is mostly discount-driven offers and influencer promoting their products), that the rest of the West is following suit. Embrace partnerships and build social proof. This goes for any type of business, D2C/B2C/B2B.

Omnichannel Marketing. Yes, I know you are siloed in your role and want to provide more value, and you can do this by having a perspective on other marketing channels. Don’t be afraid to have one. An idea can turn into great results with the proper execution. Take a chance.

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