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A platform focused on rapidly upskilling and equipping you with the latest news, education and high-impact resources in digital marketing. Helping you transform into a versatile, highly valuable and future-proof marketer.

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Jonathan Milanes

Jonathan Milanes

Founder | Digital Marketing Expert | Digital Creator

Jonathan Milanes is a practitioner and leader in the digital marketing arena, blending over 7 years of strategic and growth-oriented expertise, including consulting for brands such as BMW (Total Media), Audible (M&C Saatchi) and Meta (Hogarth Worldwide). He is the founder of Proverve (a fractional growth marketing consulting service), alongside Futurist Marketers (a platform for digital marketers to rapidly upskill and become future-proof).

His credentials include certifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the CXL Institute, underscoring his deep understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem. With a unique foundation in entrepreneurship and music, Jonathan brings a creative and holistic approach to digital marketing strategies and implementation, emphasising the importance of being a T-shaped (versatile) marketer and an early tech adopter in today’s fast-paced environment.

Jonathan’s dedication to lifelong learning and the growth mindset comes across in his thought leadership pieces across the web (Medium, Harvard Business Review). He actively contributes to making a positive impact on whoever he gets a chance to collaborate with or influence, making him a pivotal figure for professionals and businesses seeking to upskill in the future of the digital age.


Futurist Marketers (a Proverve company) is the platform for orchestrating your mastery in the field of digital marketing. Providing you with the latest news, expert-led education and high-impact resources in the area of digital marketing (newsletters, blogs, videos, podcasts, playbooks, events).

Founded by Jonathan Milanes, a leader in the area of digital marketing, designed exclusively to rapidly upskill your digital marketing endeavours, by having an all-in-one platform that simplifies the ecosystem of digital marketing, from a practitioner’s point of view.

🚀 Our Mission

To upskill the next generation of digital marketers and equip them with the tools and resources to thrive in any venture.

🏆 Our Vision

To create a holistic growth-minded community of digital marketers, for a better and more sustainable future economy and way of life

🌏 Our Target Audience

Professionals looking to learn and master the area of digital marketing, from beginner to mid-level individuals, so they can utilise their skills for their personal and professional goals.

💎 Our Holistic Unique Value Proposition:

By being part of Futurist Marketers, you’ll gain:

– The latest trends and news in digital marketing in an easy-to-understand approach

– Free expert-led resources like YouTube videos, blogs, playbooks and podcasts

– A growth-minded community and network of digital marketers on the same journey as you are (coming soon)

– Up-to-date and certified online courses in specific areas of digital marketing, led by current practitioners in each subject (coming soon)


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