The platform to rapidly upskill and become a futurist leader in marketing, helping you influence the future.

We’re a challenger platform dedicated to upskilling, connecting and developing future leaders in the field of marketing. We provide you with futurist resources, a growth-minded community and a holistic approach to mastering marketing and oneself.

Last Update: July 14, 2024 at 19:05 (GMT – London)

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Who’s running this project?

Jonathan Milanes

Jonathan Milanes

Full Stack Growth Marketer | Content Creator | Musician

πŸ‘‹ Hey friend, while this platform is about YOU, here’s an overview of who I am (helping you clarify whether to trust Futurist Marketers).

I am an entrepreneurial growth marketer (Full Stack + T-shaped) with over 7+ YOE, and have had the humble opportunity to help scale growth for pre-seed/YC-backed startups (Muzz, Circl), as well as household brands (BMW, Audible, Meta Gaming).

Currently a digital marketing lead by day, and a marketer/content creator by night (building this very platform you are on!). Oh, and a musician on the weekends.

πŸ“š Contextual Story: My journey into the world of growth and digital marketing was ignited by my own side hustle/business (Soundprise), in which I was able to rapidly upskill and evolve in the marketing field.

After Soundprise failed in 2020 (the greatest thing that happened for me), I formally transitioned into digital marketing. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to consult with a wide range of business models (D2C, B2C and B2B) and verticals, including: Media, Automobile, Music, E-commerce (Fashion, FMCG), HR and Recruitment, Education, Fintech, Gaming, Sports, Consumer Tech, Dating and Nutrition.

I’ve always wanted to create a platform where I can aggregate, distill and share ALL my learnings and insights, to help fellow marketers and professionals alike. Futurist Marketers is the brainchild of that idea – I hope you find incredible value in this project and we get to collaborate (and meet) one day.

πŸ™ If you think we can jam, I’d highly encourage you to connect with me and start a conversation – I’m keen on learning more about you. Now, back to where you were.

What’s so special?

πŸ† The first platform (that I know of) to show you real-time changes in marketing as they happen – our website literally updates daily

πŸ‘€ Full visibility into how our business operates and dances in the chaos – you get to see what we’re working on through our public Notion board (products, stats, income/expenses, general updates and real juicy stuff)

πŸ› οΈ My personal frameworks, playbooks and templates to mastering marketing and oneself (from a self-development POV) – that evolves over time, as I do – Jon

πŸ–₯️ A growth-minded community and network of pre-vetted marketers, orchestrated to support each other from multiple vantage points (channel-specific insights, exclusive job postings, career advice, networking and events, collaborative projects, building a REAL human connection). Invitation to our WhatsApp/Discord – Coming soon

πŸ“š Up-to-date and expert-led boot camps in specific areas of digital marketing, led by current practitioners in their specialist field. Coming soon

πŸ•ΉοΈ Learn using emerging technologies that challenge paradigm shifts to learning (Gamified Learning, AI-led Cohorts, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality). Coming soon

Our Core Principles

Our Mission

To rapidly upskill professionals through a future-proof approach to education, while orchestrating a network of growth-minded individuals to positively impact each other’s development.

Our Vision

To positively influence the future by creating a path for the current generation to be innovative leaders in marketing and business.

Our Purpose

Futuristic leadership is essential to reshape how we manage change and growth, helping create opportunities for the upcoming generation.

Our Values

🌱 Growth Mindset + Lifelong Learning
πŸ“ˆ Progress Over Perfection
🧘 Stoicism (focusing on variables we control)
🎨 Experimentation and Creativity
πŸ‘‘ Leadership (take charge, go in the frontlines and set a great example/path)
πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Agile and Adaptability (speed is currency)
🎭 Authenticity (if I want to be free, I have to be ME)
🧠 Problem-solving and Critical Thinking
πŸ” Radically Transparent
πŸ”— Antifragility (build systems that thrive from change)
🌿 Principles-first thinking (what’s the root of the problem/goal?)
πŸ’– Character Over Everything Else (be a good human, everything else follows this)